By real I mean the you that you feel not the one they get in the feels cuz they dnt know how to really chill, I shud know so let envoke the oky doke like a serious joke overjoked seriously it ain’t what u say it is buddy it is what it was and what it will be is what I make it. Thank ya!


First blog post


A brand of self awareness and commitment to the operrunities i want to push and possibly pull or provide even a new endeavour inlay but for now its the foot hold on humanity that I wanna focus on and grasp the finer inlets and outlets of life. Being 💯is the main goal and I dnt mean it in any condescending way,  I only mean to promote or advocate realism as is or more, nvr less. Although at times this trade mark seems to become under scrutiny from one relative description to many diff emphasises of non-specified specifications this will be the focus point of each and every thing that’s shared, put out or used in the forward vertion or motion as to reach the goal of a site to further backen the name and brand I chose to represent to best of ability given not to shy away from originality or being versatile at all, but creativity and solidity obtained or better understood commonly or individualaty meets contradiction. God bless and stay positive because the alternative ain’t good ppl…lol